Who is an Urban Entrepreneur?

How did “urban” come to be code word for people of color and how has that usage shaped policy and opportunity for city dwellers?


The Good Stuff – A Weekly Roundup

A weekly roundup of good stories on social entrepreneurship, income inequality and economic justice. On The Urban Entrepreneur Is Entrepreneurship a Potential Pathway Out of Poverty Income Inequality: Separate But Not Equal Here in Connecticut A progressive coalition is pushing to address income inequality in Connecticut Around the U.S. CNNMoney points out that America is Missing Out…

Income Inequality: Separate Not Equal and Why You Should Care

We all know that money is power. Those with the greatest wealth have the greatest influence over what we notice is broken and what we bother to fix in this country. On a day to day basis people vote with their wallets. Even if a wealthy individual is altruistic, he or she only focuses on the issues that he or…