The Good Stuff – A Weekly Roundup

On The Urban Entrepreneur

Check out the great work that reSET is doing here in Hartford to build the impact sector

In Connecticut

CT is 5th most innovative state in the U.S. and 4th most productive #5 according to the Bloomberg U.S. Innovation Index. How can we harness this to shrink the wealth gap and create economic opportunities for all?

Around the Nation

According to Forbes, there’s a significant wealth creation gap between Minority & Women Business Enterprises and those run by white men. Between 2007 and 2012, value of minority owned businesses increased by 10.8% while the value of white owned businesses increased 22.6%. Check out CFED’s full “Assets & Opportunity Scorecard.”

A little late to the game, but check out Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs.

Fast Company published an excerpt of the forthcoming book, The Emergence of the Urban Entrepreneur titled, “Urbanpreneur Spiral,” which argues that urbanization, collaboration, and democratization are creating innovation hubs in our cities like never before.

Wealth inequality leaves many Americans poor and voiceless according to a report out of Harvard. “We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.” – Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis

Americans underestimate the typical income of Fortune 500 CEOs by as much as 90%.  New SEC rules will require companies to calculate and publish the ratio of CEO-to-worker pay. Assuming companies don’t find a way to deflate CEO numbers while inflating typical worker numbers, hopefully, more knowledge will lead to more action.



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