The Good Stuff – A Weekly Roundup

A weekly roundup of good stories on social entrepreneurship, income inequality and economic justice.

On The Urban Entrepreneur

Been out of commission since Monday recovering from the extraction of a couple of wisdom teeth. Be back next week!

In Connecticut

Wesleyan shared an interview with Charles “Butch” Lewis, founder of the Hartford area Black Panthers from the book African American Connecticut Explored.

Catch Jamal Joseph, Lewis’ colleague and friend, at the Hartford Public Library on March 2.

Around the U.S.

Black female entrepreneurs are the fastest-growing entrepreneur demographic in the U.S., but they’re not getting funded

How we can leverage community colleges to foster entrepreneurship

Mark Zuckerberg reprimands FB staff for replacing “Black Lives Matter” with “All Lives Matter”

Google donates $3M in grants to Bay Area orgs dedicated to fighting racial injustice

Split the check fairly with ‘affirmative fractions.’ Comedy Hackers create app that splits bill by race and gender pay inequities


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