Honor Roll: Reconnect

The Honor Roll is a bi-weekly series that highlights the amazing work that’s being done in the social sector to build economic self-sufficiency and pathways out of poverty.

Project Reconnect is a project of Vernon Avenue Project, a 501(c)(3) based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.  This neighborhood-based entrepreneurship program in Central Brooklyn helps launch businesses that serve as the engagement point for court-involved young men.

The first businesses to launch so far are a cafe, bakery and graphics shop.  They are run by Bed-Stuy youth.

Reconnect was started by Father Jim O’Shea, a priest with an entrepreneurial spirit, who saw the real business skills and savvy of neighborhood youth — including court-involved youth — and thought to redirect that energy into lawful pursuits.

“Reconnect Cafe was born so that young men might wage peace, instead of war. Whatever you want to call it, we grind.”

Check them out in the video below, on Yelp, over at ReconnectCommunity.org or — even better — in person in Brooklyn!


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